As it should be

Advantageous conditions for fair commercial relations

A concrete proposal

Oral Face believes that fair economy must be based on safe commercial relations, where the contractual obligations between supplier and client are properly met, terms of contract and delivery times respected by the manufacturer and, therefore, timely payments are made by the clients.

What is the “As it should be” method

It is a way of developing commercial transactions avoiding building up debt within the same transactions.

Shared principles

“As it should be” means ethical economy and mutual protection and respect between supplier and client. It protects both of them, and ultimately brings advantage to the final buyer.

How it works for the supplier

1-Oral Face orders the items to its suppliers
2-When the items are ready, the supplier informs Oral Face
3-Oral Face makes the payment
4-Only after receiving proof of payment, the supplier sends the items
5-Oral Face has 2 working days from the delivery to file a claim on the supply

How it works for the client

1-The client orders the items to Oral Face
2-Oral Face informs the client that the items are ready
3-The client makes the payment
4-Oral Face delivers the items
5-The clients can also to file a claim on the supply within 2 working days after the delivery.


The clients who decide to adhere to the method “As if should be”, will get a significant discount of the items delivered: -6% on the purchase price!

“Oral Face believes that in a civil society the rights and duties of each individual must be provided and guaranteed and a healthy and strong economy should not operate without this fundamental principle: the certainty of payment.

As it should be.”

Dr. Lorenzo de Luca

In case of dispute

If the case is not solvable in a friendly way, which instead happens most of the times, the Conciliation Department of the Chamber of Commerce of Varese is contacted for an out of court settlement. Upon preliminary warrant of the parties, it delivers a fast and low-cost judgment. (tariffe conciliazione).

Equality for suppliers and clients

System of equal treatment for suppliers and clients

– 6%

on purchase price

Advantages for everyone

Clear and safe commercial relations and advantages for everyone