Oral Face

A path that can not be improvised

Oral Face was founded in Varese in 1997 by its President Dr. Lorenzo De Luca This specialization comes from years of professional experience in the research and selection of the most suitable products and services for specific needs in oral care.

The Group stands out as a strong made-In-Italy brand with a special policy of low prices and is absolute leader in product engineering, thanks to privileged partnership agreements, industrial integration with the most important companies in this sector.

ORAL FACE manufactures and distributes its product lines Whitedent, Whitedent Plus, Dental Floss, Family, Kids, Travel, Uno and Talco both with its own trademark and with third parties private labels and packaging.

All products, both those with our own trademark and those manufactured for private labels, ranging from toothpastes to toothbrushes, from mouthwashes to adhesive for dentures, can boast highly competitive price conditions. Such convenience becomes unbeatable in the light of the discounts provided by the operation “As it should be”.


This entrepreneurial formula allows ORAL FACE to show a marked production flexibility, which allows to meet all clients’ needs, both in terms of volume and target markets. The purchase orders can include batches of a few thousands of pieces up to significant quantities.


All items are clinically tested by a team of the Physiology and Pharmacology Department of the University of Pavia, in order to assess the efficacy and tolerability.


ORAL FACE is diligently compliant with the ISO regulations concerning quality management. Such certifications are strictly demanded by ORAL FACE to all its partners, in order to prove and boast the high quality standard.

20-year experience, effective and convenient products Made In Italy.


Up to 100.000 units handled with extreme flexibility every day!